GreenPill Episode 2; Ethereum Attestation Service w/ Steve Dakh

New EAS podcast episode hosted by Kevin Owocki on his GreenPill podcast.

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Kevin Owocki
Carl Cervone
Steve Dakh

Great episode if you’re interested in:

  • Different ways to track impact = profit
  • Web of Trust & Attestations
  • Google Page Rank vs Ethereum Impact Rank
  • more

00:00 Owocki Intro
02:30 Intro Steve and the Ethereum Attestation Service
10:00 Musing on the Application of Attestation Services and Impact
15:56 Generalizability and Constraint: Different kinds of schema
17:37 Layering Attestations
22:07 Web of Trust and Attestations
26:23 Google Page Rank vs Ethereum Impact Rank
32:26 Open System of Attestations vs Top Down Governmental Control
36:36 Private Attestations?
39:35 Measuring Attestation Service 42:53 Attestation Service as a Public Good?
43:55 Closing thought on Global web of Ethereum Attestation
45:10 Owockiflection

What were some of your reactions during the episode?