[EAS-17:Mainnet] - Land Registry - Attest to Land Ownership

The schema has 4 properties:

uint8 holdType,uint8 useType,uint64 expiration,int40[2][] polygonArea
  • int40[2][] polygonArea - A set of GPS coordinates that defines the verticies of the land (a closed polygon space)
  • uint8 holdType - Defines if the land is free-hold (0), lease-hold (1), or other (2)
  • uint24 expiry - If the land is lease-hold, the expiry date of the land deed
  • uint8 useType - What the land is used/zoned for i.e. (0) commercial, (1) residential, (2) other

Since no governments in the world currently attest to land on public blockchains, this is of course just a concept.

However, If a government somewhere decided to assign Ethereum addresses to corporations and/or citizens, it could provide many different types of governmental services using attestations. A land registry could be one of them.

Land ownership titles, mortages, leins, etc would be easy to apply, look up, and verify. The housing and commercial real estate markets would become much more efficient and transparent.

In the meantime, this Schema can be used in Web3 Gaming by attesting to land in virtual worlds

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