MetIRL: Build a social graph of your IRL connections


A simple dapp for attesting to people you meet in real life.

Github Repo: GitHub - ethereum-attestation-service/met-irl

MetIRL is generates an offchain attestation for attesting to someone you meet in real life. They then make a referenced attestation confirming the interaction.

Schemas Used

78 - Met In Real Life

A boolean field for attesting TRUE to an address of a person the attestor met in real life.

62 - Is True

Used by the recipient to confirm they met the attestor in real life by attesting TRUE using the refUID from the met IRL attestation (Schema #78)

Why we built it

We built this right before the ETHGlobal Waterloo hackathon to give builders an example dapp of how the EAS SDK works. The repo is completely open-source and allowed people to easily fork and generate their own dapps.

How it works

  1. Go to
  2. Connect with your ethereum wallet (ENS recommended).
  3. Attest to an ENS or wallet address you just met. This generates and offchain attestation on Ethereum mainnet using schema.
  4. When the other person connects with their wallet, they’ll see an attestation that was made. They can then “confirm” it by making a referenced attestation to the original UID.
  5. If both wallets attest they met, then a green verified checkmark will appear as a valid interaction.

How it could evolve

  1. We’d love to see someone continue building it out and add things in like the location or notes on when the interaction happened.
  2. Adding in a picture of the interaction and attesting to the authenticity of the photo.
  3. Building a more interactive social / trust graph.

This sounds really cool.
Lots of social media applicability, and overall is our now much more online world.