Speaketh: Example Social network app


SpeakETH is message board & social network on Sepolia showcasing referenced attestations.

“It’s attestations all the way down!”

Website: https://speaketh.org

Speaketh is an example app highlighting how all social media interactions are simply just attestations. When you post something it’s an attestation, when you like someone’s post - you are attesting you like it (referencing their attestation), when you set your username, follow someone, all of these are just attestations.

Schemas Used

#57 - Follow

A boolean for attesting to another address you want to follow.

#173 - Post

For making a “post” (string) that will display on a social dapp. This is also used to make replies as a “referenced attestations” to the original post attestation UID.

#2 - Like

For liking a “post” on the social dapp by referencing the UID of the social post and attesting “like” as true.

#8 - Username

For attesting to your ‘username’. If an attestation is made, then we display the username record.


We wanted to build a sample dapp to show how all interactions in a social network are just attestations. Instead of creating proprietary social networks with fragmented or siloed data, a social network built on EAS is free and open to all.

Builders can then take all the attestation data that makes up the network, and build beautiful end-user facing UIs and experiences around it.

In the future, content curation lists (CCLs) can be created from community attestations. Users could then subscribe to different CCLs based on what type of moderation they want to see in their content (i.e, filter lists that hide rude/vulgar/offensive posts, etc)

How it works

Speaketh leverages several schemas for various social network interactions such as:

  • Following someone
  • Making a post
  • Liking a post
  • Replying to a post
  • Setting your username

All of these interactions are simply just attestations that can reference each other. Speaketh then displays that information in a friendly UI. Anyone could take this information and create custom filters for content or completely new interactions/UIs.

Expanding into the future

  1. We’d love to see someone continue building it out. It could easily turn into a decentralized forum or town hall product. It could be used to start creating a social graph of people you follow and content you like.
  2. Allowing users to create filters and lists for types of content and wallets to follow.
  3. Moving this to be completely offchain.