[EAS-77:Sepolia] A Schema for Following ETH addresses

This is a simple schema for following addresses.

“bool follow” (with no resolver)

Users can attest TRUE on this schema to any address to indicate that they are following them.

One issue I have with EAS is that it is not possible to attest to a .eth name. I think this would make more sense than following an address, because addresses can be lost. One common pattern for ENS names is to have the owner of the name set as a vault, and the manager of the name set as a hot wallet. When people connect to dapps, they connect using a hot wallet usually, so the primary name of the ENS name is normally set to the hot wallet. Users will invariably adopt new hot wallets over time. This presents an issue that followers are tied to disposable hot wallets, and not the ENS name. I can think of some solutions, but I thought I would see if anyone else is interested in this issue first.